New livestock building under Gobarto 500 programme

03 LUT, 2020 GODZ: 13:21

Another fattening facility for 1,460 pigs was commissioned on 28 February 2020. The building, located in the Wielkopolskie voivodship, is equipped with the latest technologies used for animal breeding.

– At the current price of a fattening pig, some people believe that it is better to breed fattening pigs on the free market, but it should be remembered that this economic situation can change – said Jacek Jagiełłowicz, Vice-President of Gobarto Hodowca, during the opening ceremony. – The current price of a fattening pig is around 480 PLN per head. In order to continue earning 80 or 100 PLN on it, its price at the turn of April and May should approach 7 PLN per kilo of the live animal.

He also highlighted the benefits of participating in the Gobarto 500 programme –  The advantage of the cooperation with us is that, regardless of price fluctuations, the farmer always gets the same amount of remuneration, regardless of the price at which the pigs are sold. The best recommendation of our programme are the farmers themselves. The first group of farmers who joined Gobarto 500 programme started to build further facilities – he said.

The President concluded his speech with an appeal: – ASF is ravaging pig farms in Poland, so take care of your animals and adhere strictly to the rules of bio-insurance. They are the basis for securing your farm and for receiving compensation in the event of the virus outbreak.

The climax of the opening was the symbolic cutting of the ribbon. After the official part, the guests were shown around the facility and presented the technologies used in it. The piggery was equipped with gravitational ventilation based on wall curtains and stack dampers, with automatic temperature and humidity control. Pigs will be bred on concrete slatted floor.

The first placement of animals is scheduled for 10 March.

Wielkopolska is the largest livestock production region in the country. The investment fits in with the strategic objectives of economic growth for Wielkopolska based on local entrepreneurship.

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