Gobarto 500 livestock building opened in Mazovia

23 MAR, 2020 GODZ: 13:16

In Osiek (Zawidz Kościelny municipality) in the Mazovia region, another livestock building completed under Gobarto 500 was put into service. It is the first facility of this type in the Mazovia region.

Mirosław Kalinowski is the owner of the investment which consists of two livestock buildings with 1000 fattening places each. The farmer combines running the farm with work at Cedrob Pasze. This brand, similarly to Gobarto, is part of the Cedrob Group.

I have decided to cooperate with Gobarto because I have been an employee of Cedrob for many years and I know that the pig breeding programme developed in our Group is a good solution for breeders. It would have been much more difficult to implement such an investment without Gobarto's support and thanks to the cooperation with Gobarto I have been guaranteed, among other aspects, collateral for the loan, good remuneration and regular collection of pigs, irrespective of the situation on the pig market– explains the investor.

Gobarto 500 is a nationwide programme, therefore I am very pleased that new regions appear on the map of completed investments. Mazovia has a huge potential for development. We are finalising further agreements with farmers in this region and I hope that soon we will open further facilities – says Jacek Jagiełłowicz, Vice-President of the Management Board of Gobarto Hodowca.

At Mirosław Kalinowski's farm, animals will be bred on concrete slatted floor. Thanks to the modern facility management system, the farmer will not have to give up his current job as the operation of the piggery will not consume much time. A ventilation system will reduce  odours that can accompany pig farming, while sealed concrete tanks will be able to store slurry for up to six months.

 Gobarto 500 is a programme of partnership cooperation with farmers. The company offers technical and substantive support, helps to construct livestock buildings with up to 2,000 fattening places on the farmer's land. The cooperation agreement is signed for 15 years and guarantees the farmer a remuneration of up to PLN 10,000 per month, regardless of the situation on the pig market, as well as the amount needed to repay the loan and the current operation of the livestock building.

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