Gobarto trains farmers again. Another Farmer Academy is over.

23 MAR, 2020 GODZ: 13:36

Welfare of pigs, preventing ASF, modern breeding techniques, farm management were the main themes of the Gobarto 500 Farmer Academy.  It is a training project, which aims at improving skills and enhancing knowledge of the pig farmers participating in the program. 

40 people participated in the two-day free workshops that took place last week.  In total the “Academy” has trained nearly 100 farmers. It is the third cycle within the training series of the Gobarto 500 Farmer Academy. This time the meeting took place in Osiek (Pakosław municipality, Wielkopolska) and was attended by farmers from all over Poland.

In addition to the regular training points covering, among others, obtaining building permits, financial settlements under the program or production issues, this time emphasis was put on issues related to ASF and bio-assurance. The farmers will be able to use the acquired knowledge at the stages of preparation of the investment, construction works, and pigs breeding.  At the end of the training the participants had written test and got certificates.

The Farmer Academy is the original project carried out by specialists of Gobarto, which mainly aims at raising farmers' qualifications and exchanging good practices. The trainings are conducted by practitioners in the fields of construction procedures, financing investment projects, pig breeding and veterinary.  Thanks to such extensive training, the knowledge transferred is complete, up-to-date and reliable.

Next meeting is planned for this Autumn.

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