Coronavirus and safety procedures in the Gobarto Distribution Centers.

01 KWI, 2020 GODZ: 12:43

Three-shift work, trainings on occupational safety in the face of epidemics or providing disinfectants in the facilities - these are just some of the actions that the Gobarto Distribution Centers have taken in view of the epidemic situation in the country. 

Health and safety of employees and contractors as well as maintaining continuity of supply are priorities for the distribution segment belonging to the Gobarto Group. Therefore, immediate action was taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Each Distribution Center has been comprehensively equipped with personal protective equipment, i.e. masks and gloves.  Due to the ongoing epidemic, the company has additionally implemented regular trainings on occupational safety. Before starting work, each employee undergoes a health check. As recommended, all meetings with
sales representatives have been suspended and remote working mode has been introduced for those positions
were it was possible. Additionally there have been implemented the three-shift working model and procedures, which ensure ensure lack of contact between shift workers. The facilities are also conducting an information campaign on recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, targeted at both employees and customers.

Gobarto Distribution Centers have also undertaken logistics activities that ensure continuity of supply. In the interest of customer health, special procedures have been put in place for purchases.  Stationary sales hours have changed, a limit of customers who can shop at the same time have been introduced, and access to the fresh meat area was closed.  Disinfectant liquids were provided at the entrance to each Center and at the cash registers. Customers are asked to maintain safe distance.

The situation we we are facing right now has never happened before in the history of our company. This requires us to mobilize and take quick actions.  The introduction of strict safety rules has allowed us to continue working and ensure that we can supply our sales centers with food products.
Following the situation on foreign markets, even before the period of the virus spreading, we ordered protective measures for the employees of our Distribution Centers. We have limited direct contact between our employees and sales representatives and have sent guidance on safety procedures to our suppliers.
 We keep customers informed about the undertaken procedures. Security and continuity of supply are our priorities," says Katarzyna Nowak, Director of Logistics and Retail Department, Gobarto SA. 

 Gobarto has 12 distribution centers and cooperates with 160 national and local producers, providing products mainly to its own distribution network of over 6.8 thousand sales centers.

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