Gobarto S.A. understands very well the specific characteristics of the farming life and business, because the company is an expert not only in pork, poultry and game slaughtering and cutting, but is also a leading agricultural producer. It grows rapeseed, rye, wheat, and corn. It also trades in and stores such products.

Gobarto S.A. is a stable partner in all conditions!

Work with us

Livestock finishing integration

Gobarto S.A. produces pigs in a closed cycle. The company holds breeding establishments, where piglets are fattened to 30 kg and next transferred to breeders in collaborating farms.

Farmers who decide to work with Gobarto S.A. will be provided with extended payment terms until the sale of the produced pigs (up to 120 days). This form of collaboration is favourable for breeders because they do not need to commit their funds to purchase suckling pigs.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact the Contracting Department: tel. (+48) 0 65 547 70 80

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Gobarto 500

In 2017, Gobarto launched Gobarto 500. This partnership programme is dedicated to pig breeders, and the main premise of the project is to construct livestock housing facilities for up to 2000 pigs on a farmer’s land and in collaboration with Gobarto.

The collaboration is based on an agreement between Gobarto and a breeder and a credit agreement for the period of 15 years.

As a part of the collaboration, a farmer receives a high remuneration of up to 10 thousand zlotys per month and funds necessary to repay the credit and for the on-going operation of a breeding facility. A breeder who decides to start this collaboration does not bear any risk due to price volatility on the swine market. Moreover, Gobarto provides veterinary care and zootechnic support for the whole production cycle.

The company invites to the Programme both experienced farmers and those who have not been involved in this area before. Within Gobarto 500, a Farmer Academy will be launched, in which breeders will be able to obtain both theoretical and practical knowledge of modern swine production.

For more details about Gobarto 500, visit: www.gobarto500.pl.

Please contact the following persons to learn more:

Dr Paweł Spyrka
Director of Swine Development
Tel. 695 297 599

Piotr Karnas
Director of Swine Development
Tel. 668 138 538

Mariusz Suchożebrski
Specialist of Swine Development
Tel. 603 922 119

Tomasz Klak
Specialist of Swine Development
Tel. 691 365 444

Krzysztof Marciniak
Specialist of Swine Development
Tel. 664 704 071

Swine Purchaising Department
tel. (+48) 0 65 547 71 92