GOBARTO S.A. has been implementing the strategy developed by the Capital Group effectively. The plan provides for, among other things, the organic growth of companies, and consecutive acquisitions of companies active on the meat market, in particular those in the area of distribution and processing. The aim of the strategy is to reinforce GOBARTO S.A. as the leader of the Polish meat market and to strengthen its position in the European market.

The strategy for 2015-2019, which continues the development premises of the Issuer and its Capital Group adopted in 2010, provides for:

  • the development of the raw material segment (its own farms),
  • slaughter in its own production plants increased by 25%,
  • extending the range of territorial activities of the distribution segment by constructing new warehouses and acquisitions of existing entities, and
  • the growth of its own production of cold meats within the Capital Group.

The purpose of the strategy is to reinforce the Capital Group in the Polish meat market, both by increasing its production capacities (slaughter and processing, including cured meats production) as well as the distribution potential.