18.03.2014Financial results for 2013
14.11.2012Financial results for 3Q 2012
28.08.2012Financial results for first half of 2012
20.05.2012Financial results for 1Q 2012
20.03.2012Financial results for 2011
08.11.2011Performance in the 3st quarters of 2011
30.08.2011Financial results for first half of 2011
11.05.2011Performance in the 1st quarters of 2011
09.03.2011Performance in the 1st-4rd quarters of 2010
09.11.2010Performance in the 1st-3rd quarters of 2010
26.08.2010Financial results for first half of 2010
11.05.2010The results of the first quarter of 2010
04.05.2010Presentation of the strategic direction of CG PKM Duda SA
27.07.2009Restructuring proceedings- the adoption of the system by the creditors' meeting
26.05.2009Financial results for 1 Q 2009
25.03.2009Financial results for Q1-4 2008
06.11.2009Financial results for 3 Q 2008
14.08.2008   Financial results for 2 Q 2008
15.05.2008          Financial results for 1Q 2008
08.02.2008Financial results for 1-4Q 2007
19.09.2007Deutsche Bank 1st Annual Emerging Europe Conference. Financial results for H1 2007e
11.2007Financial results for I-III Q 2007
08.2007Financial results for II Q 2007
05.2007Financial results for I Q 2007
07.04.2007Expansion of PKM Duda into Ukrainian market
07.04.2007Expansion of PKM Duda into Ukrainian market
03.2007Financial results for IV Q 2006
06.12.2006Taking full control over NetBrokersInvestment project ––Bioethanol plants
06.11.2006Capital Group Enlargement
06.11.2006Financial results for III Q 2006, increase of financial forecast and issue of new shares
05.10.2006Rights issue for present shareholders