The Gobarto Group is active in the slaughter and pork cutting business and operates a Limousine cattle breeding farm. Moreover, it manages 5 thousand hectares of arable land, including almost 3 thousand owned by the company. Owing to the consistent implantation of its strategic plans, the company has created a strong capital group, encompassing more than 30 businesses from the farming and food industries, with more than 1,500 employees.

The heart of Gobarto S.A. are production plants located in the Wielkopolskie Province in Grąbkowo and Karolinki. Products of Gobarto S.A. are presently available not only on the Polish market, but also in great many countries of Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and Africa. In addition to its core business that focuses on pork, poultry, and game production and distribution, the company is also active in grain crops and plant production. Gobarto S.A. operates pork farms in the southern part of Poland, which are managed by the companies: Agro Gobarto, Agroferm, Agro Bieganów, Bioenergia, Hodowca and Ferma-Pol.

Mission and vision

Gobarto S.A. owes its stable position on the meat market to the consistent establishment of mutually complementary companies, developing long-term relationships with its business partners, and a reasonable investment management policy in the development of production capacities. The strategy of the firm includes these priorities.

The aim is to reinforce its position as a leader on the Polish meat market and strengthen its presence in the international arena. In the domestic market, the company focuses on the continuous technological development of its plants and increasing its production capacities as well as extending the base of livestock suppliers, developing its existing contacts with retailers, and looking for new ones. An important element is to keep favourable margins in production and to develop the production and distribution segments.

 On the international market Gobarto S.A. focuses on looking for new commercial partners and sales markets for its goods. Its priorities include the development of product presence in Asia, Africa, and both Americas and strengthening its long-term relationships in Europe.